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Erhverv Produktivitet
Forfatter: Direct2Millions

App4Groomer is the best mobile app for groomers and practices providing powerful, 24x7 promotional capabilities to stay connected with pet owners, and assist with acquiring new customers.

App4Groomer allows groomers to take appointment requests at any time, send appointment reminders and other important announcements, in-office special offers, exciting promotions and discounts to their customers. Groomers can show their appreciation to customers with the app’s loyalty rewards program. In addition, facilities can showcase staff, products and services. App4Groomer can also send pet owners to the facility’s online store to make purchases at any time. Additionally, App4Groomer helps to grow a practice’s customer base by allowing users to directly share the app with friends, family and colleagues.

With App4Groomer, pet owners can schedule appointments or refills, anytime, on-the-go. The app has a unique set of user-friendly features with a wide variety of educational media content. Pet owners can use the app’s online subscription and product reordering service to quickly get the items they need most for their pets.
Pet owners have instant access to the information they need from their groomer with the tap of a button.